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Keep your Neighborhood Playground Clean!

Summer is almost here, which means there is more time for you to take the kids to your neighborhood playground. We all want our kids to play in the summer months by enjoying the slides, swings, and monkey bars at the playground. But, did you know that playground equipment is a breeding ground for many types of bacteria and mold?

According to the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 44 percent of children’s playground equipment has high levels of feces, blood, urine, sweat and saliva. Who wants their child playing in that environment? Keep in mind that animals such as birds defecate on this equipment as well, leaving it contaminated. Also, here in southwest Florida, the humidity is high year-round which is the perfect environment for harmful mold and algae.

So, how do you take care of your neighborhood playground? Or even the playset that you have in your backyard? Proper cleaning and sanitation of these areas will ensure that your child can play without the risk of getting sick. Hiring a pressure washing company such as Benitez and Hudgins Pressure Washing Service is the solution. They are professional cleaners that will blast away all of the germs and mold. They will make sure that the equipment is not only clean, but sanitized by using chemicals that kill mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria.

If you would like your neighborhood playground equipment cleaned and sanitized, contact your local city parks office. Ask about their time frame of cleaning the playground equipment and suggest it happens at the beginning of the summer. This will ensure a thorough cleaning which will keep your kids safe from bacteria and mold while they play. Benitez and Hudgins is a leader in pressure washing in the southwest Florida area. Call us today at 239-201-7807 or visit us online for a free quote.