Hotel Pressure Washing

Hotel Pressure Washing Keeps Guests Coming Back

Reports have demonstrated that over 70% of hotel guests will base their experience of a hotel on cleanliness. The cleaner the hotel, inside and out, resulted in a higher likelihood that a guest would return for a repeat visit. Hotel pressure washing is similar to residential, but there are a lot more areas that need attention such as sidewalks, siding, roofing and the windows.

When a potential guest drives up to your front walkway to unpack their car and check in, they are judging the hotel’s appearance immediately. If the siding has mold and dirt streaks from rainfall, that indicates to the guest that the inside of the hotel is probably not clean either. The outward appearance of the hotel is very important since the guest could decide to go to another hotel if they find yours filthy. Make sure that the sidewalks around the hotel are pressure washed consistently every quarter of the year. This will help to keep unsightly oil and grime from staining the walkways. 

Hotel pressure washing can increase the number of guests that will want to come to your hotel. A lot of people post their hotel experiences online for other travelers to see. If your current guests feel that the outside and inside of your hotel was very clean, they will convey that online. This will draw future guests to check into the hotel for their stay. Many travelers nowadays seek out online reviews from TripAdvisor and similar websites. Cleanliness of a hotel or motel says a lot about the company and how much they care about their guests. No one wants to stay in a hotel that looks run-down and dirty…especially after a long day of travel.

The walkways and siding are important, but so is the roof. Do not overlook this part of the hotel. Especially if the roof of your building is view-able outside of guest windows. Hotel pressure washing should include roofs since upkeep is important to the maintenance of the roof itself. The pressure washing company will be able to communicate any mold issues or damage to the roof that you may not have noticed. This will, in the end, save you money. Not only will your hotel look immaculate, the roof will last longer.

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