Table in Restaurant

A Clean Restaurant = Returning Customers

Have you ever been to a restaurant that looked dingy and dirty from the moment you walk up? If it looks like that on the outside, can you imagine what the kitchen must be like?

Most diners would turn away from a filthy looking exterior of a restaurant. And it makes sense why they would do so. When eating in a bar or restaurant, people want to make sure that their food is safe to consume. If the outside is dirty, then they automatically think that the kitchen is unsanitary. There is a direct correlation between the outward appearance of a restaurant and the assumptions made about the interior. If you want your customers to enjoy the latest dish that you have concocted, then please keep the outside of your restaurant clean. Otherwise they might just drive on by and not even bother stopping in. Cleanliness has a huge impact on the overall customer experience. If you want new, and importantly repeat, customers then maintain a clean and tidy restaurant. This includes the outside which is the first thing that customers see.

Here are some simple tips to maintaining a clean exterior:

  • Pick up trash in the parking lot regularly.
  • Maintain grassy areas by weeding, mowing and trimming.
  • Plant flowers in front of your restaurant. Add some large potted plants to the entrance.
  • Schedule a regular pressure washing of the exterior. This should include the siding, awnings, windows, and sidewalks. If you own a stand-alone building, then schedule a roof power washing. You’ll be happy that you did.
  • Sweep the sidewalk at the entrance to your establishment daily.

Since the exterior of your restaurant is the face of your business, it is very important to keep it clear of debris and junk. Take pride in the appearance and that will keep your customers coming back as well as gaining new customers. Know that word of mouth is an incredibly great way to increase business. With social media these days, a good review can go viral instantly! This is true for a bad review as well.

Benitez and Hudgins Pressure Washing Services offer affordable rates to blast away the dirt and grime from the front of your restaurant. Don’t wait until a bad review is posted online from an unhappy customer. Call us to schedule a pressure washing at 239-201-7807 or request a quote online. Servicing Estero, Naples, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Sarasota!