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Pool with a screen cage

4 Reasons to Clean Your Pool Cage

Summer is right around the corner and family gatherings and neighborhood bar-b-ques will be abundant. Now is the time to clean up your lanai and pool cage. Get these tasks out of the way before invitations are sent out to everyone for a fun summer afternoon at your place. It won’t take long to clean up the debris from the past winter and straighten everything up. An item on the list that shouldn’t be overlooked and should be done before you set up the lanai or pool area for a party is the screen cage. Here are a few reasons to clean up the cage this spring:  Continue reading

Roof cleaning of leaves in gutters and downspouts. Power washing in the spring

Roof Cleaning: Spring is the Perfect Time!

Spring is a time when most homeowner’s labor through a checklist to make little, and large, repairs on their home. Routine maintenance of your home will reduce future replacement costs of the parts and pieces that will, in time, deteriorate. With a little TLC every spring you can delay the “aging process” of your home. Your roof takes a beating, so a bit of roof cleaning should be high on your list.  Continue reading

Driveway Pressure Washing

Driveway Pressure Washing Adds Curb Appeal

Erase years of wear and tear and built up “gunk” on your driveway with a thorough cleaning. Daily life can leave stains on your driveway that make your home look worn down and downright dirty. Show your neighbors that you care about the look of the community by removing the layers of dirt covering your driveway.

Driveways are usually and understated part of the home, but are very important in the overall appeal of your home’s exterior. Why add pretty flowers, bushes and trees to your lawn if the driveway in the center of the view looks terrible? Homeowners do not purposefully pour oil and grease onto the path that leads up to their house. Let’s face it, driveways get beat up every day. It is just part of the normal wear of living. Your car might have a leak, which leaves a stain. Your son might like to fix his motorcycle outside, leaving grease stains. Over time, these stains multiply and cause the driveway to look just plain yucky. That is why we recommend driveway pressure washing on an annual basis.  Continue reading