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Pressure washing machines

Pressure Washing & Power Washing

Pressure washing and power washing have always been used interchangeably. But, no, they are not the same thing. They accomplish the same results, only through different means. The difference is temperatureContinue reading

Power Washing Deck

4 Reasons to Get Your Deck Power Washed

We all know the benefits of having an outdoor living space. You can grill with buddies on game day, have some tea with friends on sunny days, or invite the family over for a Sunday brunch. Just like the inside of our houses, maintaining our outside structures enhances our lives. Decks are one important area to keep vigilant in our care. With exposure to snow, ice, rain, hail, pests and the multitude of molds that can attack it, our decks need to be shown special attention. Power washing is an important step in the overall care of your wood deck. Here are some reasons why you will want to get your deck power washed.  Continue reading