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What you should know when choosing a Pressure Washing Professional

The majority of licensed pressure washing contractors are honest, hardworking and responsible. However, home improvements, such as Pressure Cleaning, are a huge source of consumer complaints.

Here are the questions you should ask up front

  1. Are You Licensed? Always make sure the company you are considering is licensed. Also Check the expiration date and if you are at all hesitant call the issuing authority and verify their licensing is in good standing.

What difference does it make?
This is a huge red flag. Generally Pressure Washing Contractors without licenses don’t have them for a reason. Continue reading

Power Washing – A Money Saver

Roof TilesWhen the thought of power washing your home and roof come to mind, we mostly think dirt removal. Time ages the look of homes. Dirt, mold and mildew accumulate, especially here in Florida with our humid environment. This causes houses to look worn and even dilapidated. A freshly power washed home looks cleaner and newer.

Despite this powerful visual difference, mold isn’t just an aesthetic problem.

Mold can be a health hazard as well exacerbating allergies and asthma and making you feel generally unwell. It can tax your immune system needlessly. Some forms of mold can cause permanent health damage over time. This can add to your medical bills and possibly time lost from work. Continue reading

The dangers of do-it-yourself power washing

While at first glance power washing your home and property yourself may seem like a project which could easily save you time and money, exactly the opposite could end up being true.

Possible dangers of power washing

  1. The exteriors of homes are not built with the intent of being able to withstand super strength focused jets of water. If not done correctly, paint can accidentally be washed off,screens can be ripped or torn, vinyl siding can be knocked loose, stucco can erode, double pane window seals can crack or break which leads to fogging between the layers of glass.
  1. When aimed at doors or windows, seals can be broken leading to water damage inside of the home or inside of walls and framing.
  1. Concrete foundations can easily chip or even crumble if it with too hard of a stream of water causing damage that did not previously exist.
  1. The danger of pressure washing is increased with multiple floor homes. Each year people are injured or killed while pressure washing. The number one cause of these incidences occur while pressure washing homes or other structures from a ladder.
  2. Electrocution is also a danger. It is important to make sure the pressure washer you are working with is in good working order and properly grounded. Consumers should not use “adapter plugs” to connect the three-wire plug to a two-prong household receptacle without properly grounding the adapter plug. It is best to have three-wire receptacles checked by an electrician to assure that they are properly wired for grounding.

Power Washing Myths

Myth 1 – You have to get very close to the surface and blast the dirt off with at least 3-4,000 PSI of pressure.

Myth 2 – Bleach is all you need to clean the home. The reality is that bleach has no cleaning properties. It may clarify mold, but it does nothing to break the hold the mold has on the surface of your home. It will also not remove dirt, air pollution or other grime. The mold (which is still there) will likely return again.

Fact – With the proper detergents and high quality professional pressure washing machines you can stand further away and still get a far superior result. At Benitez and Hudgins Pressure Washing we utilize a technique known as HydroJet Cleaning. HydroJet Cleaning is the process of combining high pressure water with steam which will remove all contaminants from surfaces including, oil, grease, mold or buildup of any kind.

If your home needs to be pressure washed, save yourself time, energy, money, aggravation and do it the right way, the safe way, first. Give Benitez and Hudgins Pressure Washing a call at (239) 201-7807 or contact them online. Licensed, Bonded and insured.