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Top Reasons to Consider a Regular Roof Cleaning

roofRegular cleaning of your home’s exterior is absolutely essential in an area as humid as Southwest Florida, but is perhaps no where near as important as on your roof. This area of your home is truly the first where the strong sunlight and frequent rain that occurs here almost daily hits, and thus where the damage of such impact can be greatest. Fortunately, you can keep the negative effects at bay with regular cleaning and maintenance, further reaping the benefits explained below.

1. Keep your home looking nice. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a clean roof is the clean appearance that it reflects onto your entire home. A dirty roof is much more noticeable than you might initially think, and can literally make or break your home’s curb appeal. Continue reading

How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

moldYou’ve likely encountered mold at some point in your life already, especially if you live in an environment as humid as Southwest Florida. This toxic substance loves moisture and heat, so it should come as no surprise that, in addition to interior areas like your bathrooms or basement, mold also thrives in exterior areas like your backyard, lanai, and driveway. Much of the time it is highly visible, but there are some types of mold that are expert at staying hidden or undetected.

While mold growth, no matter where it is, can definitely be unsightly, the greatest risk is not to your home’s aesthetics but to the health of everyone who spends time in its environment. Over time, mold can cause a number of serious health conditions to present themselves, and in extreme cases and with certain types of mold, can even be deadly. If you or your family members have started to notice feelings of being sick frequently or allergies acting up, especially when outside in your backyard area, then you may have an exterior mold problem that needs to be addressed. Continue reading

Is a Chemical-Free Pressure Wash Right for You?

chemical-free pressure washA regular pressure washing is essential when it comes to keeping your home’s exterior clean, but it’s understandable that you might be opposed to the use of harsh chemicals around your house or business. Fortunately, you have options in the form of chemical-free pressure washing treatments, which are highly effective and yet gentle at the same time.

Because certain chemicals are often needed to properly address some issues that arise involving living organisms and bacteria such as excessive mold or mildew growths, chemical-free washes are not always best or appropriate, and they may not be the right choice for everyone or all situations. For basic cleaning and maintenance, however, they get the job done extremely well. The following are just a few reasons why you might consider a chemical-free pressure wash for your home’s exterior: Continue reading